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COVID-19 concerns?

I take my health and my clients' health seriously. I'm vaccinated and boosted. I don't require clients who are vaccinated and boosted to wear a mask, but please do so if you feel more comfortable. Please be honest about your status as I work with clients who are immunocompromised.

Should I shower before the massage?

Yes. We LMTs like to work on clean bodies! Plus it will help you relax before your session. If you need to shower at my place, please let me know to make sure there is extra time before or after so it won't cut into your session or another client's session*.

Do I have to be naked during the massage?

No, however, the less clothes you have on, the more area I can cover without interruption. I want you to be comfortable, so wear as little or as much as you like. A sheet will be draped over you as well.

May I text you?

Yes, but PLEASE follow proper etiquette. Don't just text: "You available?" or, "Hey, what's up?" Provide me with your name, the date and time you would like a massage (options help). Please don't expect me to be available "right now." I may be with a client or away from home. I try to be flexible; so should you. Also add if you're looking for an in/out-call, length of session desired.

How is the parking at your place?

Plenty of free parking. 

What oil do you use?

I use Biotone massage gel or lotion.

*Please respect my time! Arrive on-time or even a few minutes early, otherwise it will cut into your session. For out-calls, I usually arrive 5-10 minutes early so I have time to set up.

If you have any injuries, prior surgeries, or any type of condition that may affect the massage, please let me know. 

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